Computer-Based Avionics Training for Pilots, Technicians and Flight Schools

The ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Academy educates GA and corporate pilots, flight instructors and avionics technicians in making the transition from VORs and NDBs to full GPS-driven state-of-the art integrated cockpit automation. We have five computer-based training programs each focusing on a different aspect of advanced avionics/cockpit automation.

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GPS Navigation


Weather Awareness


Terrain Awareness


Autopilot Systems


Traffic Awareness
GPS Navigation
Garmin GNS 530
Garmin GNS 430
Weather Awareness
Goodrich Stormscope
& Insight StrikeFinder
Terrain Awareness Bendix/King KGP 560
Bendix/King KMH 880
Autopilot Systems Bendix/King KAP 140
Bendix/King KFC 225
S-TEC 55/X
Traffic Awareness Bendix/King KTA 870
Bendix/King KTA 970
Bendix/King KMH 880
Bendix/King KMH 980
Goodrich SkyWatch/HP

Actual screen samples from the training CDs.

"The training is highly graphics-oriented, the narration is pleasing and professional, and the level of the information presented is just right. I came away knowing a great deal more about the system and how to use it. Which, after all, is the whole idea."

Flying Magazine
Robert Goyer, Senior Editor